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A progressive Christian faith-based organization, providing  Sunday morning online worship service, inspirational prayer service, bible study, and community support led by believers in the love of Jesus Christ.

The Reverend, Pastor Toby Sanders

Recognized as a gifted preacher and teacher of the gospel, the Reverend, Pastor, Toby Sanders faithfully guides his congregation according to the vision entrusted to him by God. While meditating in the Spirit, Toby received the scriptural principles of  Love, Word, Spirit, Peace, Grace, Joy and Hope. He established them as the foundational guidelines for everything Beloved Community does and the ministries it offers.

After receiving his Bachelor's Degree, Pastor Toby attended and graduated from seminary school. He is an ordained minister adeptly and lovingly providing pastoral services.


On Resurrection Sunday, 2005, in the City of Trenton, New Jersey, a small circle of believers gathered in a sanctuary and were joined by others. Like a mother heavy with child, the melody of the voices began to swell and grow until the presence of the Spirit lifted their song above the rafters. The vision that God gave a young seminary student several years earlier came to fruition. That was the first worship service of Beloved Community. 

Anchored in the principle of Love, this progressive Beloved Community subscribes to the world church.  All believers are welcomed; and those that are curious or lonely or weary or fearful or uncertain are invited to come and be loved.


Beloved Community church is guided by a Circle of Leaders . This body is comprised of Elders and Servants, functioning in the capacities of Deacons and Trustees, respectively. The Circle offers Communion, adjudicates benevolence requests, provides counsel and conducts church fiscal business honorably and transparently.

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